1% Bail Bonds Client BEWARE!!!!!!

Have you heard of 1% bail bonds? Have you seen companies post billboards throughout the local freeways? Do you see people offering it inside the jails? 1% Bail Bonds may sound nice, but here are some things to look out for when you fall for this trick!

Companies will always advertise this as a form of “bait” for you to call them. They may explain how it will only cost 1% to bail out your loved one, some may even email you all the required forms to sign online, but this is where you should read the fine print because most people do not. 1% bail bonds is very difficult to obtain. It is virtually impossible due to the requirements. Companies will require a lot of collateral to secure this rate which some people do not always have. Companies will always tell you 1% Bail Bonds, but will coincidently forget to mention that this is “just the down payment” and you are on the hook for the remaining 9% to make up the 10% rate. Because of this old trick in the book, clients will assume it is only 1% to get out and then be surprised when they still owe money. Other companies will accept 1% the first night and then require the full balance to be paid within 24hrs. These are all old tricks in the book that unprofessional companies use to prey on people who need a bail bond because often times during the hard times, people are not thinking straight. Always deal with a company that will outline everything upfront and tells you the minimum down payment needed and be sure to find out how the outstanding balance will be paid and in what time frame.

Here at Avolevan Bail Bonds in Pomona and Bail Bonds in Claremont Ca, will explain the entire process from beginning to end to the client when they first call. We explain to them the cost of the bond with no gimmicks or hidden fees. We make sure that the client knows their responsibilities and can make their payments if need be. Call us at 909-721-8204 For FREE bail information.