Are your Yelp Reviews not sticking?

As a business owner, the use of yelp is crucial to our reputation. The problem is yelp has become a huge headache with their ridiculous algorithm flagging real reviews as “fake” and taking them off your page and making it difficult as a business owner to maintain a good yelp page with solid reviews.There is a few reasons why this happens and I will cover some of the basics about this growing problem.

Just this past week, I took my car out of the body shop and I had not seen their yelp page prior to me taking my car there, but out of curiosity I looked when I went to pick up my car and I noticed they had over 100 reviews that they have gotten flagged thanks to yelp. The problem here is yelp is very picky. Yelp wants to make sure reviews are real and reputable meaning that the person who owns the account has to be a “yelper” in order to establish credibility in their account which allows the reviews they post to actually stick. So this means if you go out and make a brand new account to leave one review on a business you were very happy about and that is the only review you have ever posted on that account as a yelper,  then chances are yelp will deem you “not credible” and flag whatever review you just posted as fake.So you want to make sure you write some other reviews of places you perhaps actually visited as well and leave them some kind words if you were happy with them, that way yelp deems you a more credible yelper and allows your reviews to “stick” onto the business page.

The other problem you may have is that if you text your yelp link to your client and you both have an iPhone, yelp and iPhone share information which means your review will also not stick. Yelp is very tricky, it is becoming very difficult to navigate for some business owner. The best thing to do is just ride the wave. Let yelp do whatever it wants to do. Most yelp readers or users know to check the “not recommended” yelp review tab where if they reviews look to match the overwhelming amount of reviews that have actually stuck. Yelp is very tricky social tool as a business, I hope that these tips help improve your yelp reviews to stick.

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