Bail Bonds and COVID-19

While most of America is closed during this COVID-19 pandemic, only essentials businesses are remaining open. Some of these essential businesses include gas stations, groceries stores, and fast food establishments. However, Bail Bonds fall into this category of an essential business. Since the police are still out making arrests and following up on crime, people are still getting arrested and needed bail to get out. Bail bondsmen are still available around the clock to help get your loved ones out. Some bail bond companies might be taking different approaches to ensure the safety of their bail agents and their clients.

At Avolevan Bail Bonds, we are limiting the amount of agent to client contact. We ask that only our indemnitors or co-signers meet with our agents. We ask that clients avoid bringing their entire family unless absolutely needed. Our agents have gloves and offer our clients gloves if they desire. Our agents offer our clients a brand-new pen for them to keep handling all needed signatures on the documents. And our offices have hand sanitizer and available bathrooms with anti-bacterial soap for our clients to be able to cleanse their hands if they wish to do so.

Our staff takes pride in workplace sanitation especially now more than ever. Our office undergoes a thorough cleaning after every client comes in to ensure that our clients and our staff are not exposed to any germs or viruses that could’ve been left behind by unknown others. So rest assured that our office is very clean for us to handle a bail bond matter.

If you happen to get your loved one arrested don’t hesitate to call Avolevan Bail Bonds Walnut CA at 909-721-8204 for free bail bond information.

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