Can I Bail Out on Any Charge?

There is a misconception that if you get booked into jail on any charge, then you can be bailed out. That is not that case. We will go over some of the charges that are not bailable offenses.

There are two broad categories of non-bailable offenses. The first includes any crime committed that was so heinous and inconsiderate that it would be a disservice to society to let the alleged offender free on bail. These crimes include severe forms of domestic violence, murder, attempt to murder and occasionally, kidnapping.

The other category is if they are deemed a flight risk. For example, if the alleged offender is an experienced pilot or has ties to a country that does not have extradition treaties with the United States. Unless their attorney can prove that they are not a flight risk, then they will not be afforded bail.

Almost all other offenses have the opportunity to post bail. It is important that if you are offered bail bonds Pomona, it would be in your best interest to post bail and to do so with a reputable bail bonds agency to ensure a quick release from jail.