Chino Police shoots man suspected of growing and distributing marijuana

A couple of weeks ago, Chino Police Department released bodycam footage of an officer shooting and killing a suspect inside his home while the police department was conducting a raid in the home. The incident happened in the 6800 block of Rockrose street here in the city of Chino at around 4pm. As a result, a resident by the name of Li Xi Wang from Fontana was left dead.

The video shows the encounter during the search warrant. When you watch the video, police make verbal commands for someone to open the door or that they were going to force entry, which is common practice. After a few commands, an
oriental woman is seen running out of the home not speaking any form of language or words other than just her shaking her head in the motions of “yes” and “no”.When officers proceed inside a home to do what they normally refer to as a sweep to make sure that no one is hidden inside the home that needs to be detained as part of their investigation, they failed to check behind the front door where Wang was hiding.

Eventually when officers noticed he was there, one of the officers gave him
verbal commands of “let me see your hands” and not even 2 seconds after issuing the commands the officer opens fire on the unarmed resident. After reviewing the video multiple times, it seems as if the office drew his handgun from his right holster, he carelessly shot Wang whom was hiding behind the front door.

There are many questions to be asked when watching the video. A few that come to mind are if Wang even spoke or understand any English to begin with. Maybe he did not speak or understand English and hid behind the door out of fear. None of the articles I have read on KTLA5 show that marijuana was actually found inside the home. Both the department and the officer are under investigation for the shooting of Wang. I am curious to see how this will play out as the time comes. Will it be like all other police shootings that the officers “walk away innocent without consequence or prosecution just because they are cops” or will this officer actually face repercussions for his actions? Stay tuned for an update on this when the case is decided.

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