Collateral Requirements for Ice bonds and Immigrants Bond

Arranging an immigration bond when you or your relative has been held at an ICE detention facility, you might have a lot of questions about the process.

Even though immigrant bonds are similar to state and federal state bonds, they still have few differences. For instance, immigrant bonds are used when someone enters the United States without proper documentation, while state and federal bonds are posted for offenders who break the law and have a case unclosed.

Immigrant bonds are notably used when someone who is in the US is arrested and detained by the ICE. If in a case a person is caught while crossing the border with illegal or no documentation will be transferred to the federal jail and will be held in the custody of US Marshal Service, in such case you will need to talk to agency or company that are experts in federal bail bonds; immigrant bonds can only be posted for individuals who are detained by the ICE).

We will look into the things required in order to obtain an ICE bond.

Fees and Collateral

In order to purchase the immigrant bond, 15% of the immigrant’s bail amount is decided. For example, if the bail has been set at $30,000, then the price of the immigrant bond will be $4500. Just like state and federal bail bonds, the fee paid for the immigration bond is non-refundable irrespective of what happens with the immigrant’s case.

Bail collateral can be anything that possesses a value that’s posted with the bondsman until the case of the immigrant is over. Full Collateral is an absolute requirement for immigrant bail bonds Rancho Cucamonga CA.

Common types of collateral are real property (like a house, apartments owned), land, and cash.

Other collateral can also be taken into consideration depending on case to case basis.

The collateral will be in possession of the bondsman until the immigrant is over with the ICE process. Once the case is over, the ICE sends an order to the bondsman to cancel the case (form I-391). When the bondsman receives the form, he releases the collateral. In many cases, liens against the real property are removed within 10 business days.

Can collateral act as a substitute for paying fees?

Sadly collateral can not be posted as an alternative to paying the fee of the bondsman (even though in few federal criminal cases, cosigners can put up the house directly to the court, but it isn’t the same for the immigration bond). One exception is available if you are putting cash as collateral and have the exact bail amount, for example, $30,000; in that case, complete collateral can be posted directly with the ICE.

Once the case is over, the money would be refunded to the person who posted it after deducting the administration fee.

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