COVID-19 Bail Schedule

With the ongoing pandemic of the Corona Virus. California has decided to implement a new bail schedule where most nonviolent crimes are to get released on “Own Recognize” also known as “OR” release. An OR release is basically a cite and release meaning you get arrested; you get processed and booked into the jail you are taken into. After the results of your fingerprint return, you are given a citation with a return court date and you sign a promise you will come back.

Serious felonies however do not qualify under this new covid-19 bail schedule. Crimes such as felony domestic violence do not qualify for OR release. Because Domestic violence is considered a violent felony, you remain in jail until your court date or you bailout and that’s it. Other crimes fall under this category as well such as sexual felonies, criminal threats, and assault with deadly weapons.

Because of coronavirus, it is best you find a way to bail out your loved ones. Rumors from very reliable sources claim that some local county jails here in Southern California have had inmates who get arrested who were suffering from covid19.

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