Gang Crimes Jump in San Diego

The number of crimes committed by gang offenders in the city of San Diego is on the rise and is on track to exceed last year’s numbers. San Diego was once on a gang crime decline, but over the past year, violence and crime have risen. The city has logged twice as many homicides this year than around the same time last year.

The city has seen about a 20%increase in overall gang-related crimes as well. Police statistics show that there were 463 gang-related crimes committed through June of 2019 in comparison to the 385 from the same time around June of 2018. Statistics also show there have been more robberies, assaults, and attempted murders as well.

Officials do not know what has been behind this crime rate spike. But one can speculate that this all can stem from prop 47 and prop 57 affecting our daily lives. There is not much one can do for this other than be careful and pay the consequences. But what you can to help combat is become educated and vote correctly for things. If you were part of the people who voted for these propositions, then you are part of the problem. By no means were these props ever meant to do what politicians would preach they would do.

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