How to help a friend or family member in jail

Being in jail is a stressful situation, even for those who commit minor offenses. Some of the stress comes from the fact you lose contact with your loved ones while they are in jail. Other added stress comes from the fact you must figure out how to navigate the legal system. However, you could play an important role in reducing the stress of being in jail. Below are 4 easy ways in which you could help someone in jail:

1. Visiting
A face to face visit with someone in jail can help them greatly. It can help lower anxiety and increase their comfort. Most jails in California have specific visiting hours that allow you to visit face to face. Call your local jail to see what these hours are. Some common rules seen across many jails for visiting include

  • Call jail to make visiting appointment
  • Provide the person in jail’s booking number
  • Arrive 30 minutes before visiting appointment
  • Bring photo ID
  • Follow establishment’s rules for dress code
  • Do not bring drugs or any contraband into the jail

2. Keep contact via phone or writing

Some people live too far from jails to visit often. Sometimes your day to day life might get in the way and make it difficult to visit on a regular basis. If this is the case, talking with your loved one on the phone may be the solution. Allowing your loved one to hear your voice will give them a sense of comfort and security. However, phone calls are always monitored so be careful what is discussed over the phone. Letters, however, make it easier to get into detail about your day-to-day life with your loved one.

3. Stay up to date on Legal Matters

When someone goes to jail in the United States, they have the right to legal representation. Depending on one’s situation, the representation may be either a public defender or a private attorney. Attorneys will do their jobs and make sure that their clients and their family are informed of what is going on. However, people inside a jail may feel like they are out of the loop with their legal battle. In order to comfort your loved ones and make them feel in the loop, you can regularly check in with their attorney. You can then pass this information to your loved one via face to face visits or by writing letters.

4. Help your friend or family member make bail (POST BAIL)

Most people who go to jail are eligible for temporary release if they can post bail, a refundable fee that helps ensure that the person arrested will show up to all their court dates. However, not many people have this kind of money available to post bail directly. So instead, they obtain a bail bond issued by a licensed bail bond company. This bail bond meets the bail amount needed at a much lower price.

If you can help your loved one make bail before trial, this helps lower the stress of being arrested. The most common way of accomplishing this is by posting a bail bond. If you have enough money, all you need to do is a be a bail bond co-signer to obtain the release of your loved one. If necessary, you can use your personal property as collateral.

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