How To Post Bail In The Los Angeles, CA Area

Posting bail in the Los Angeles area can be a stressful process and with the hundreds of bail agencies located in the area, it can be difficult to decide who to bail your loved one out of jail. However, it is crucial to defending your case if you understand the bail system and how one gets out of jail once they are arrested.

An officer arrests an alleged criminal based on the assumption that a crime was committed. Once detained, they are then sent to jail. They are then presented in front of a judge for a hearing on bail and quickly determine the bail amount. Posting bail is the most secure way to get out of jail as quick as possible. The alleged criminal must pay a percentage of the bail to the bail agency and promise to show up in court and provide collateral in case they do not show up in court.

The severity of the alleged crime is a very important factor in determining the bail amount as well as possible prison time. If the crime is very serious and/or the alleged criminal has an extensive history with the law, there might not even be a bail amount. The eighth amendment to the United States Constitution protects from massively high bail amounts and first-time offenders that have allegedly committed small crimes typically need not worry about excessive bail.

Some individuals even can get released on their own recognizance if they promise to appear in court (this is for very small offenses).

After one is arrested, they must first determine what assets they have. This is what the bail agent will ask to use as collateral if you do not appear in court. If unsure about their assets, contacting family/friends is what they should do. Without some sort of financial asset, it is nearly impossible to be released on bail. Once financial assets are secured and the bail agent can confirm it, they will release you from jail and that is when the alleged criminal should hire an attorney and gather evidence to defend their case.

Posting bail can be a financially-daunting task, but it is a part of the defense system in the United States. Securing bail is the first step to clearing your name in the eyes of the law.

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