Is proposition 47 working the way it was supposed to?

California police chiefs are saying that proposition 47 is not working the way it was intended to work so that more criminals get caught and prosecuted. In November if 2014, voters like you and I passed proposition named “prop 47”.What this prop did was change a number of crimes from felonies to misdemeanors which included changing the dollar threshold for these to be considered a felony.Before, the law considered any stolen good valued at $450 or more to be considered a felony. Now prop 47 took that number and raised it to $950 which now anything less is just a “slap on the wrist” with no jail time and criminals know this.

As a result, prop 47 has caused an explosion of serial theft and has left law enforcements with the inability to prosecute these crimes effectively.Now theft in California has increased from 12% to about 25% with billions of dollars lost since the law was passed.

Many believe that retailers statewide do not report their theft crimes accurately. The Keep California Safe initiative would amend prop 47 to include “serial theft”. Serial theft is defined as a person caught stealing merchandise valued at more than $250 three times would face felony charges. This would be a game changer for sure.

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