Man Involved in High Speed Chase Released Hours Later on $0 Bail

In Reedley California a 41-year-old man named John Mathison was arrested for leading deputies on a high speed pursuit during the day. Mathison drove by the deputy yelling curse words and holding a beer. When deputies pursued the vehicle they reached speeds of over 100 mph and the deputy lost sight of the car, calling off the chase but continuing to drive down the road.

He later found the car he was pursuing had crashed into another car and was off the road. Mathison was driving under the influence during the chase and hit a woman’s car before crashing into an orchard. The woman was trapped inside her car and had to be rescued as the driver side door was smashed into a tree. Cal Fire freed the woman and transported her to the hospital with moderate injuries. Mathison was taken to the hospital to be checked out and will be charged with driving under the influence, evading police, and driving under the influence causing bodily harm.

As a deputy gave commands for Mathison to exit his vehicle, he was taking sips of beer from an open container in his vehicle and cussing out the deputy. He was taken into custody and booked into jail at 5 p.m., where he would stay for three hours before being released on $0 bail.

Spokesperson Tony Botti stated that Mathison’s bail would be set to $120,000 if it weren’t for the states $0 bail policy during the corona-virus pandemic, which has set bail to $0 for nonviolent felonies to slow the spread of corona virus in the states jail system.

The Fresno County Sheriff’s office said that on May 17th, Mathison was arrested for obstructing a police officer and waving a machete around his girlfriend. He was cited again with two misdemeanors and released with a court date sometime in July.

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