Mayor Garcetti Criticize Proposition 47 and Claims “the system is broken” In Reaction To Fox 11 Investigating A Meth Addiction

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti is expressing criticism towards prop 47 and is siding with the frustration that LAPD officers are facing with the new broken law. The mayor claims that Los Angeles hasn’t received any of the promised money under proposition 47. That is all as a result of the FOX11 investigation of meth addictions amongst homeless.

During that investigation, special agent Bill Bodner head of the DEA in Los Angeles shamed prop 47 blaming it for the rise in meth addiction in Los Angeles. “There’s no reason to be afraid of shooting up in public. There’s no motivation to go to treatment,” Bodner said. “They used to be given a choice — do you want to go to jail, do you want a felony conviction, or do you want treatment?

There’s no hammer now. Now they get a ticket, they tear it up and throw it away. They’re using drugs the same day, so it has not worked.” LAPD expressed frustration with the law. “Since it has been relegated now down to a misdemeanor, there is more of a revolving door, we don’t have the ability to have people go into treatment facilities as we had before, so it’s had some effect on street level use,” said Captain Scott Harrelson, commanding officer at LAPD’s Central Division, which oversees Skid Row. “It can be frustrating, but it doesn’t stop us from doing our job.”

And in an interview with FOX 11 on Wednesday, Mayor Garcetti stood behind his police department. “I agree with them,” Garcetti said. “If somebody gets arrested, they’re not going to serve any time in jail. If they do serve time in jail, they’re not going to be prosecuted. If they do get prosecuted, they’re not going to be sentenced, and if they are sentenced, they’re out right away. It’s a broken system. I’ve been unafraid to say that. I know sometimes because I’m a Democrat people think that’s the wrong talking point.

I was somebody who didn’t endorse Prop 47 because I had worries it was the cart before the horse. I think we all can agree, somebody shouldn’t be on our dime away for two decades. But if there’s no consequence at all, and if people can’t be diverted into treatment, you see the results on the streets of LA.”

One of the main promises of Prop 47 was that money saved from reducing the state inmate population would be sent back to local governments to help with drug and mental health treatment, but Garcetti tells FOX 11 Los Angeles hasn’t seen any of that money. “I don’t know where that money is,” Garcetti said. “I’ve been calling for 3 years for Sacramento to deliver that money. We haven’t seen these dollars.

We need to have those dollars that were promised from Sacramento under Prop 47 come to local programs that catch people the moment we find them on the streets the moment they come out of jail. I do believe we need some consequences, so people do have the threat of some jail time. So, I totally sympathize. I’m out there with my officers all the time, and we’re asking them to do the work they can’t single-handedly do.”

Garcetti says there doesn’t have to be a choice between decades in prison and total chaos on the streets. He believes a treatment option has to be included if the problem is ever going to be solved. “We don’t want to spend $200,000 a year for somebody to be in a prison, but why aren’t we spending $40,000-50,000 for them to get off the streets and get into treatment?” Garcetti said.

All in all, prop 47 has been a disaster since it became a law. It has put criminals back on the streets sooner than they should be. It encourages people to want to commit crimes because they know that we won’t be prosecuting them to the fullest extent and that it’ll be a “slap on the wrist” to go commit more crimes. However, the problem is the uneducated people who voted on this to go through. They didn’t spend the time needed to properly research to be able to make an informed decision about their votes.

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