New York’s Bail Reform is a Disaster and California Could Be Next

An issue that is going to be a hot topic for the 2020 election is going to be a law that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo passed late last year and that is known as Bail Reform. Basically, this law would eliminate the cash bail system most of us know because it “discriminates against poor people”. However, critics of this law are warning people that eliminate cash bail was going to put too many criminals back into the streets, even if their crimes weren’t violent crimes.

In just three weeks of the law taking effect, looks like the critics against this law were right. New York media is posting story after story about criminals arrested for various crimes being released on Own-Recognize release because of this new law known as Bail Reform. Some of these criminals were arrested for committing anti-Semitic assault which New York has been seeing an increase in.

Unfortunately, this issue could happen here in California as well. I strongly urge you, people, to care about this matter and read your California Ballots this coming November election. I know for a fact this matter will be “misworded” and “misleading” on the ballot just like the added gas tax was in the last election. Remember, poor people aren’t the only ones going to jail, so are rich people. If you can’t afford bail, don’t commit a crime. It is very simple, gotta pay to play. The argument that rich people bail out and poor people stay in jail is about the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Whoever made that claim must have gotten dropped on their head as a baby.

Remember, “rich people can hire a good attorney, and poor people get the public defender”. So, are we going to ban private attorneys or make them work for free? Rich people have mansions and poor people don’t, so are we going to give everyone a mansion at the taxpayer’s expense? It is the same idiotic logic that advocators are making with bail reform here in California. You won’t regret availing of our top-rated services. Need assistance? Call us 24/7 for a free consultation with Bail Bonds Alhambra CA at 909-721-8204!

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