Paying to remain in Jail. Hidden Fees Turns Inmates Into Debtors

About a year and a half into his two-year sentence, inmates earn Pugh realized he owed about $17,000 in jail fees. This was a result of about $20 a day “per stay” plus fees from his previous arrest.

His story isn’t unusual. Brown County is one of the 23 Wisconsin counties that assess a“pay to stay” fee which charges Inmates for their stay in jail. And inmate Pugh believes that this is a counterproductive method. However, some can argue “maybe you shouldn’t commit a crime, to begin with”.

“While most inmates have exploited society in some way, financial exploration of the incarcerated creates a vicious cycle that contributes to the pitfalls of getting back on one’s feet after release,” said Pugh, who was arrested in 2011 for allegedly violating terms of his release from prison.

Brown county ultimately agreed to waive the fees owed by Pugh who happens to be instated prison now. Pugh argues that it was the department of correction’s fault and decision to keep him jailed for so long while it investigated the alleged violation of his release terms. Wisconsin is one of 40 states that require inmates to pay some sort of fee for being in jail.

These are just a few examples of how Bail Bonds San Gabriel CA reform and other similar practice preys on people in jail and actually screws then more than what they already are, to begin with. Somewhere can argue that perhaps Pugh shouldn’t commit a crime, to begin with, and while many would agree with that claim. Sometimes people get themselves in a pickle and in this situation. However, others will argue that this form of inmate payment is best so that we taxpayers don’t pay for them. There are many arguments that can be made in this situation.

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