Proposition 25 Was Rejected By 56% of California Residents

The hot debate topic about the rejection of the Cash Bail System is now settled, and California residents have given their verdict now. The massive 56% of the residents have firmly rejected the referendum “Proposition 25” during the general elections 2020. Realizing the importance of the traditional cash bail system, the smart Californians voted against Proposition 25 and preferred the cash bail system over the system of risk assessment. In the risk assessment system, the superior courts would form pretrial assessment divisions responsible for making the recommendation for the release of a suspect. Considering specific conditions, the apprehended suspect would be allowed pretrial release if there is a low risk.

The residents rejected this system and chose the cash bail system. Various reasons imply why the decision taken by the residents was a wise one. One of the most important reasons due to which people oppose Proposition 25 is the system that will put minorities at significant risk. Proposition 25 would be prejudicial and unfair against African-American background, Latinos, or any of the other minority groups. Therefore, to save these minorities and people of different colors, California’s people step forward and made a wise choice by rejecting the initiative, which has shaken the advocates of the cause.

The personalities with a great desire to ensure Proposition 25 get accepted gave many reasons for that. However, the racism issue is the most dangerous one due to which it has been rejected. Giving a Judge authority over such cases would further deteriorate the situation as anyone can use this system against a particular group of people and detain them without giving them an opportunity to fight for themselves. However, the cash bail system does justice to everyone and provides an opportunity for the people to strengthen their case further.

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