Recent California bail reforms went in vain:

For many years California judges, jury, and legislators have been trying to bring reforms to the bail bonds system. California’s recent efforts to reform the cash bail bonds won’t be experiencing any further proceedings.

Cash bail bonds are the money paid to get your family member or relative get out of jail after the initial arrest. The basic purpose is to make sure that a person facing charges will get back to all the court hearings and trials taking place.

A prisoner was released from a case of killing without bail. This has resulted in reform by the California Legislature in the cash bail system. The Democratic Sen. Bob Hertzberg made many failed attempts to alter the new measures. However, the voters voted against the law. If the law was implemented this would mean an end to the cash bail.

The initial bill was cleared by the Senate but faced immense opposition in the conservative Assembly. Although Democrats controlled two-third in both of the chambers, even then it couldn’t successfully pass the bill.

The California District Attorneys Association has gained a lot of criticism earlier this week. This opposition was a result due to a person was arrested and charged with serious allegations of the slaying of a Sacramento woman. The woman was found dead along with her two slain dogs inside her home put on fire.

Earlier in June, 51 years old Troy Davis, was set free on a suspicion of auto theft. She was reluctant to appear before the court hearings following the process. After the brutal murder of Sacramento women, several people have approached me with their deep concerns stated Hertzberg. He further said, he will continue to work for a free and fair system rather than fulfilling the greed of industry.

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