How Bail Bonds Works in San Dimas CA

How Bail Bonds Works in San Dimas, CA

The bail process in San Dimas is similar to most other jails in Los Angeles County. Some small things may be different in San Dimas due to its location such as the amount of staff on duty and how busy they may be. Once someone is arrested, he or she is taken down to the San Dimas Sheriff’s jail where they are processed and booked into the Los Angles County Sheriff system. The defendant will then have their fingerprints taken and submitted to the Department of Justice to verify that he or she does not have any outstanding warrants in the United States. Once the results come back, the jailor will clear the defendant for bail which means one of our Bail Agents can get your loved one out in as little as 15 minutes. All this might seem difficult and complicated, but here at Avolevan Bail Bonds San Dimas, we can guide you through the process if it is your first time. Once you contact us in regard to bail, our licensed bail agents will call the jail to verify all bail information of your loved one. Then our agents will set up a time and place that is most convenient for you to complete short and confidential paperwork in order to secure the release of your loved one. Once the defendant is out, he or she is usually ordered to appear back in court at a later date and most crimes that happen in San Dimas report to Citrus Courthouse in the city of West Covina, CA.

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