San Jose Chief Tired of Felons Getting a Freebie

As the United States is hit with nationwide bail reform during the COVID-19 pandemic, judges and public officials are faced with the challenges and decisions of progressive officials on the topic of bail reform. Eddie Garcia, Chief of the San Jose police department shares the story of a convicted felon being released back into the public after being arrested for the possession of illegal firearms and assault weapons.

“Of course, he’s a danger to the public” said Chief Garcia, following with anger stating, “My officers are sacrificing a lot to have an individual with this type of firepower to get released back within 6 hours later, is shameful.”

With the bail reform movement traveling through legislatures across America, Garcia is worried that more dangerous criminals will be released with no repercussions and will have dangerous impacts to the safety of the citizens across the United States.

If you are tired of felons getting out on OR release and jeopardizing your life, call your legislators and express your feelings to them and how you feel. Use your social media platforms and express your feelings and educate people so that they remember this time and vote accordingly during the next election.

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