San Jose police chief fed up over Imamate O.R. release

According to the police chief, a felon who was in possession of an assault rifle is back on the streets hours after arrest with no need for bail.

Apparently, this is the second time this has happened in less than a month due to covid19. Police Chief is furious with the judge and court systems. San Jose police officers risk their lives to arrest violent criminals like this only for them to be released 6 hours later with no accountability. It’s shameful to the department.

Later, criminal Eddie Garcia was arrested earlier in the week for being a felon in possession of illegal guns. Another Santa Clara judge released him unsupervised soon after his arrest in the second case in less than a month. “There’s a progressive movement across the United States,” said former prosecutor Steven Clark.

He said that because of the bail reform movement, judges are now releasing more suspects soon after their arrest, with no bail. “There’s a Supreme Court case that that says courts are required to use the least restrictive means for pre-trial release,” said Clark.

The chief understands that, but he argues that Garcia shouldn’t qualify because of the illegal firepower he allegedly had. “This doesn’t get any worse. He had a silencer,” Chief Garcia said. “A criminal dealing drugs had a silencer. You see that in the movies!”

It is a shame how this state is being soft on criminals especially during covid19. I think it is a slap in the face to the hard-working officials who are putting themselves on the line to fulfill their promise of serving and protecting.

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