Should You Bail Out Right Away or Wait?

When people are arrested, you or your family typically do not know what to do. Most are the first time this has ever happened to them in their lives. People typically have a million questions in regard to bail out right away or Wait their loved one. The question I have seen asked the most in my professional career is “should we just leave them in jail until their first court date so that they lower the bail”. This is often a misconception most people hear or get told by people who do not understand the nature of this business. In my professional experience, each situation is different, and I will tell you two examples here on both sides of the argument.

Bailing out right away

Bailing out right away is always the best course of action to take when you or you’re loved
one has been arrested. Being in jail is not a lovely environment at all. The stress and depression once can endure can be destructive to one’s mental health. This can lead to you self-incriminating yourself thinking this would help you get out quicker. Often times when people are arrested, they forget about their basic rights such as having the right to remain silent, not answer any questions without having an attorney present. Making this mistake can lead to you self-incriminating yourself which would not be good for your case in court. Bailing out right away allows you to fight your case in court from the outside instead of being handcuffed and fighting it from the inside where judges typically see you differently and do not take you as serious. Most importantly, bailing out right away allows you to return back to your normal life and come home to your loved ones that miss you.

Waiting in jail until after the court

Many people take this route out of ignorance and not seeing the picture because they think others know the process better than the bail agents themselves. Often times people get influenced by other’s advice who have never even dealt with the bail process before. Do they hear
the rumor that “if you wait until their first court date, they’ll let him out for free after he sees the judge” Who doesn’t like free? So, I understand where they are coming from, however, this is not always the case.

9 out of 10 times that people decide to not bail out of jail right away and wait until the first court date, more often than not, the bail could be increased which ultimately would end up costing you more money to bail out than what it would have had you not waited. When you have your first court date from inside the jail, judges typically see you as the lowest of the low. When you’re handcuffed from head to toe, judges are prejudice towards you and may see you guilty when you may not even be guilty. In some cases, people may accept a plea deal even if they are not guilty, just so that they can hurry up and get out.

If you are facing any sort of allegation and you know you are innocent, it is never suggested to plead guilty for something you did not do because this will remain on your criminal record for life and could affect your future with wanting to get a good career or job. Last but not least, staying in jail until after court could cost you your job for missing too many days of work, it could destroy family relationships, and ultimately it is not the best-suggested route to take.

In conclusion, every situation is different. I understand that sometimes people are unable to come up with the bail money to bail out and in circumstances like that, then I totally understand and would advise you myself to just wait until court. If your bail is set at a crazy amount like over $200,000 and you do not have the financial means to bail out then, by all means, it is best to either wait until a court or hire an attorney that specializes in “bail reduction” to get that bail lowered to something you can afford. But ultimately, our bail bond company here at Avolevan Bail Bonds are very flexible, we offer payment plans tailored to your need and budget. We offer deals such as 0-2% under qualifying circumstances and on approved credit. We understand that good people go to jail and sometimes they are caught in a situation nobody ever imagines they would be in.

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