Suspect Arrested 7 Times Finally Has $200,000 Bail

In Alameda County, a suspect who has been arrested seven times has finally received bail set at $200,000. Waseen Abuhwaidi has been arrested several times for assaults, stolen vehicles, thefts, trespassing, and now robbery and attempted carjacking. As a judge’s order that all non-violent felonies and misdemeanors are to be released with a cash-free $0 bail, Law enforcement agencies around the state are concerned with the danger and threat that these criminals strive upon the community. While it is in the best effort to have fewer inmates in the state system, criminals of serious offenses should be confined and practice physical distancing among each other which would provide safety for themselves and the public society.

Law enforcement in the Bay Area has also noted that criminal activity of suspects that are released on the $0 cash bail under the new state’s mandate has increased and gives no incentive to follow the law if they are just going to be released again in a few hours back to the public. It was noted that days earlier, a man who had been arrested days earlier was back in custody after stealing a car from a dealership and taking officers in pursuit before crashing in Sonoma County.

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