The Epidemic of Car Burglaries

Car burglaries in California have been rapidly increasing over the past few years. Until now, there has been a loophole in one of the state laws that allow most car burglaries to go relatively unpunished. However, by closing this loophole, convicting people of car burglaries would be easier.

The loophole that is in question is the requirement that prosecutors prove that the vehicle that was broken into was locked prior to the break-in. The general public believes that this is a very weird law to have since many break-ins do not involve physically opening the door. Rather, they involve smashing car windows, and if you cannot prove that the door was locked, there can not be any conviction of the alleged offender.

All throughout California, there were nearly 250,000 vehicular burglaries last year, which is much higher than the average of the last 8 years (around 225,000). San Francisco, for example, saw a nearly 25% increase in car burglaries from the previous year. Until this loophole is closed, there will still be many car burglaries that will go wrongly unpunished.

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