What are the most common probation violations?

One of the most common forms of punishment for a crime is probation. Probation can be given in conjunction with or instead of prison time. However, in order to stay away from prison, one must follow the probation rules that are set for them. In many cases, probation is violated. We will go over the most common probation violations.

First and above all, if someone commits any type of crime while under probation, that is a direct violation of their probation and there will almost certainly be jail time to serve as a punishment.

Leaving a geographic boundary set by the probation officer also violates probation. For example, if one is not allowed to leave Los Angeles County but is spotted in San Bernardino County, then the probation officer will mark that down as a violation and there will be a punishment as well.

In cases involving drugs or alcohol, there may be random drug tests and/or breathalyzers installed in their vehicle. If they fail any of these tests, there might be rehab and/or prison time.

The probation officer may also request that they do not associate with certain people. Hanging out with the wrong people may lead to bad decisions being made which can then land them back in prison.

Finally, if you have scheduled meetings with your probation officer and do not attend these meetings, this is a blatant violation of probation. There will then be an arrest warrant issued by the court and once caught, they will definitely serve jail time.

To conclude, it is advised that one does not knowingly violate probation and try to stay away from bad influences as much as possible in order to get through the probation period and be a positive influence on society.

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