Why Solitary Confinement Is Bad

Solitary confinement is exactly what it sounds like: being confined in a small cell all by yourself with nothing to do. Although it is immoral, it is still legal in the vast majority of the United States. We will go over why we believe solitary confinement is bad for the prison system in the United States. First, why is it used? One of the primary reasons is if the inmate is deemed a risk to other inmates, then they will be placed in it.

Inmates must abide by a certain set of rules and if any of those rules are broken, then they might end up by themselves. Next, why do we believe it is harmful to the prisoners? The data speaks for itself. Many prisoners that are placed in these terrible conditions report psychological issues during and after being placed in confinement. Also, lacking human contact can lead to hallucinations. These hallucinations do not immediately stop once they are let into the general public as well, which can lead to dangerous effects. The recidivism rate is also higher in solitary confinement inmates.

To put it into perspective, almost all the developed countries around the world have banned solitary confinement as a form of punishment to prisoners. To combat this issue, prisoners must abide by the rules set by the prisons in order to not be
placed in these immoral conditions. Also, the federal government must outlaw solitary confinement so we do not have prisoners going through these dangerous situations that can cause mental harm and higher recidivism. We must join the rest of the developed world and ban it.

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