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We provide high quality customer service for our bail bonds in Chino customers. With 24-hour emergency bail bond services we are here to make sure the last destination is home safe.

Bail Bonds In Chino

Bail Bonds Chino California. Not everyone in jail is a criminal. Even good people get arrested. Our team at Avolevan Bail Bonds in Chino understand what it is like to be in the back of a police car.

One minute you are having a good time, and the other minute you are shocked to be in a police car. When you call your family, they are just as shocked as you. Do not hesitate to call Bail Bonds in Chino, CA.

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Jail Information
Chino Police Department

When you get arrested in the city of Chino, you are taken down the Chino Police Department where you are processed and booked. This process usually takes a few hours however, you cannot bail out of the Chino jail.

The Chino Police Department will then transfer you to the San Bernardino County detention center known as West Valley located in the city of Rancho Cucamonga. Once your loved one has arrived here, they will be processed and booked all over again which can take several hours. Once your loved one is in the system, then he or she has the ability to bail out.

If your loved one is arrested in the city of Chino, Avolevan Bail Bonds can help speed up the entire process, so your loved one can come back home sooner.

Get Help Posting A Bond At Chino Jail

Chino, located in California, boasts two state prisons: The California Institution for Men and The California Institution for Women. If you happen to find yourself under arrest in Chino, the first step is to maintain your composure.

Remaining calm and cooperating with law enforcement and other authorities is of paramount importance. It’s crucial to be aware of your Miranda Rights, which include the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney.

  In Chino, the bail amount for individuals in custody is determined in accordance with the San Bernardino County Bail Schedule. This bail amount is established based on the nature of the alleged crime. Frequently, the bail amount is set at a high figure, making it challenging for the individual to come up with the full sum independently.

However, there is an alternative: contacting a reputable bail bonds in Chino company Avolevan  to assist with the payment of the bail amount.   Avolevan Bail Bonds is a trusted and efficient company in Chino that specializes in providing swift and efficient bail bond services. Through a bail bond company, individuals can secure their release from jail by paying only a small percentage of the total bail amount. It’s imperative to adhere to the court’s directives and ensure attendance at all scheduled hearings.  

Give us a call at (909) 721-8204 and we will quickly locate your loved one and start working on their release from custody.

Posting A Bail Bond In Chino, CA

Bail Bonds Reviews In Chino

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Vanessa Dillard
Vanessa Dillard
Highly recommend this bail bond service. One of our loved ones was arrested suddenly and taken all the way to Los Angeles from the IE area. it left my mother and I scrambling to figure out what to do as we've never had dealings with the cops before. Walter from Avolevan Bailbonds helped us tremendously.. explained the process of what happens when arrested, court dates etc.. he posted bail that same day and even stayed up with us past midnight with updates and gave a realistic time frame as to when he would be out. He suggested attorneys, and did I mention price matched another service. Very thankful for their service and guidance.
valeria felix
valeria felix
Best bail bonds agents in Southern California! I recommend them 1000% super fast with paper work and trust worthy. Thank you thank you! For helping my family Walter I can’t appreciate it enough. Walter is always available to answer any questions at any time of the day. Im definitely recommending them to people that need a bail bonds agent.
adam seses
adam seses
I want to thank Avolevan Bail Bonds for helping me and my family during a hard time of having someone arrested. I didn’t know what to do, so I googled bail bonds near me and I called Avolevan and they explained the entire process from start to finish. They were highly professional and discrete and made me feel very comfortable. I HIGHLY recommend them!!
Naader Karimi
Naader Karimi
My family member got arrested and I had no idea what to do. I searched up bail bonds near me and I came across Avolevan Bail Bonds and I'm so glad that I did! Walter was able to guide me through the whole process and explained everything in detail because I was so confused since it was my first time. He basically held my hand and made sure my family member got out in the most efficient way possible. I high recommend Avolevan Bail Bonds and ask to deal with Walter. Highly experienced agent.

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