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Chino Hills Bail Bonds specializes in the Chino Hills Jail. The process here is slightly different than other city jails. When someone is arrested in the city of chino hills, they are taken to the county jail known as West Valley Detention Center. Avolevan Bail Bonds in Chino Hills is no stranger to this process. When you call us right away, we are able to begin the process of bailing out your loved one form the jail faster than anybody else can. Our staff consists of highly trained bail bondsmen who will stay in contact with you all throughout the process. If this is your first time, have no fear, because we will explain everything until you understand bail bonds like us!

What happens when I get arrested?

A person arrested in Chino Hills is taken to the Chino Hills Police Department. Before the defendant is released from jail on bail, he or she has to complete the booking process at the Chino Hills Police Department. If the jail is already filled with arrestees who are also to be booked, then it can take several hours for the booking process. In the booking process, the information of the accused is added into the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Database for future cases. After that, the fingerprints of the defendant are taken to make sure that there are no outstanding criminal cases in other jurisdictions. After this process is completed, our licensed bail agents can bail out your loved one.

Why choose Avolevan Bail Bonds in Chino Hills, Ca?

Chino Hills Bail Bonds & Avolevan Bail Bonds help you and your loved ones in your bail bond needs. When someone either from your family or friend is arrested, it becomes really important to take them out of jail as soon as possible and brought back to home. The more time they spend in jail, the chances of him being released from jail will become less. So, without wasting any time, you need to find a reliable bail bonds company in Chino Hills, Ca. Avolevan Bail Bonds is one of the most reliable and trustworthy bail bonds company in the industry. We charge 10% (state-mandated rate) of the original bail amount. This amount has been strictly set by the California state. Lower rates are available upon qualification (takes few minutes).

We have pledged to provide the best customer service to our clients along with getting bail bond done as fast as possible. We make sure that you completely understand the bail bond process and your responsibilities regarding bail bonds without any inconvenience. We use our knowledge and experience to make the bail bond process easier for you. Our bail bond agents are up to date with all the laws of the California state.

We do not have any hidden charges. We have flexible payment plans for bail bonds. All the questions regarding the bail bond process can be done on the phone free of cost. We have been serving in this area for the past two decades. Our bail bond services in Chino Hills are available 24/7.

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Chino Hills Police Department and Jail Location

Chino Hills is a suburb located in southern California in the San Bernardino County having a population of about 75000. The Chino Hills Police Department is located at 14077 Peyton Drive Chino Hills, Ca 91709. The office hours of this department are from Monday to Friday at 8:00 am – 6:00 pm. This department is serving the city of Chino Hills and its citizens. You should know this information, especially for Chino Hills bail bonds. The court hearing takes place at Rancho Cucamonga District Courthouse located at 8303 Haven Avenue in Rancho Cucamonga, California.