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Bail Bonds Diamond Bar CA

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What happens if I get arrested?

Getting arrested is something that no one plans to have happen. However, life is life and if this ever happen to you, it is important to know what to do to get out of jail. You would need to contact a bail bond agency to get you out of jail as quickly and as effectively as possible for peace of mind.

Avolevan Bail Bonds has highly-trained experts serving the Best and Quick bail bonds services in the city of Diamond Bar and we offer 24/7 bail service since arrests can happen at any time. Our bail bond agents understand the system very well and are ready to assist you in this often - stressful process. We will help you fill out the paperwork, offer pick-up and drop-off services from the jail and will help you throughout the entire process.

Our bail agents know what it feels like to have a loved one arrested. When someone is arrested in Diamond Bar, you will be taken to the Walnut Police Department to get booked and have your fingerprints taken. There is no police department in Diamond Bar, so Walnut oversees the Diamond Bar Jurisdiction. They are located at 21695 Valley Blvd in Walnut, CA 91789 and their phone number is 626-913-1715. After you are booked, you will be taken down to the Los Angeles CountySheriff Department Inmate Reception Center located at 450 Bauchet St in Los Angeles, CA 90012 and thephone number is 213-893-5875. From there, you will be processed,your fingerprints will be taken, and you will be booked again and placed into the inmate locator. Your fingerprints will then be sent to the Department of Justice in order to confirm your id entity. It is best to be bailed out of the Walnut Sheriff’s station because release time is about 30 -60 minutes after the bond has been posted. In the Los Angeles County inmate reception center, average release is about 10 hours after the bond has been posted.

Why is my bail set at a specific amount?

The price of bail is set on a case-by- case basis, with some guidelines set in place as well. For example, grand theft will have a lower bail amount than a murder charge and murder will have a higher bail amount than battery. It is up to the judge to review the criminal record and the nature of the crime to determine the bail amount.

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