Central Justice Center has altered its policy regarding bail bond postings in the court:

Are you appearing in Central Court on a current bail or warrants? The absence of it will land you in jail. This is because there is a change in the policy of bail bond postings. The new and fresh policy clearly states that if at any point of time a judge ‘remands a defendant to the custody of the Sheriff.’ They further stated that they would no longer accept the bail bonds in court. Therefore, the defendant will be directly sent to jail.

The only way to escape the predicament is to inform the court in advance. It’s important to inform you that a bondsman is currently with you in the courtroom and is well-prepared to post the bond as soon as possible. The assurance to post the bail bonds is given to the court in the presence of the bondsman. Therefore, having a bail bond agent by your side is essential to escape the serious repercussion coming your way.

Nevertheless, if you have a bondsman on standby, this no longer is good enough for you if it is the end of the day or lunch break is coming up. This new policy is applicable in Central court only. Three different courts will adhere to it- North, West, and Harbor Court. They will permit defendants to be held by the Sheriff while he is released later on after posting the bail bonds.

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