Expectations from the Immigration Bail Bond Company:

If any of your family members or friend is detained by the immigration customs and enforcement (ICE) detention center, you must be having a lot of queries regarding immigration bonds. You might be pondering over how immigration bail bonds work? What are the costs associated with it? What is required to get your dear ones released from their custody?

It is where immigration bail bond companies play their part. Avolevan Bail Bond will guide you through every step in the process. We are there to address all your questions and queries in mind.

How to progress:

If panic situations like this, try to avoid any arguments and fights with the concerned authorities. Moreover, do not try to run away from it altogether; it may worsen the scenario. It is better to ask where the detained person will be taken politely. This is important to reach out to the right immigration bondsman. The basic difference between the federal and immigration bail bond is that state bail bonds can be posted within few hours of the detention. Conversely, immigration bonds take a longer period. The detained person has to appear in front of a judge before the bond is established. Moreover, the amount of bond is discretionary with no standard amount. Most of the bonds are set at $5000 to $25000.

Avoid agitation:

Try to remain cool and calm if your friend or a family member is held by ICE. Keep in mind that most of the immigrants are granted bonds. It means that if you post the immigration bail bonds, you are released from detention. This is indifferent to federal and state bail bonds. Once the immigration bail bonds are posted detainee is permitted to resume normal life with his family and friends. However, it is equally significant to keep in mind that released does mean the case is over. A detained person needs to appear before the immigration court whenever required. This will continue till the case is completely over.

Requires collaterals:

The cost of the immigration bail bond is 15%. If a bail bond is established at $40000, then the cost to buy an immigration bail bond is $6000. The fee is non-refundable no matter what happens. It is important to note that all immigration bail bond requires ‘collateral’. In the majority of the situations, the collaterals are real property. It means a house or condo is put up as collateral. Cash is also acceptable as collateral.

Final words:

Once you hire an immigration bail bond company, you are pairing up with reputed and highly trusted professionals. They fully understate all the details regarding the immigration court system. However, they must be well-versed, compassionate, and dedicated to addressing all your queries. They have years of experience and expertise in aiding people just like you. Avolevan Bail Bond is familiar with how they work and what needs to be done in critical times like these. For any further information contact us, you can call our office and get started.