Facts on Zero Bails in Kate Tibbitt’s gruesome murder:

‘Zero Bail’ is to get out of jail without paying for anything. It neither is done with no risk assessments nor caters to the serious repercussions to it.

In the Senate, zero bail bonds were shelves by Sen. Bob Hertzberg after the brutal murder of Sacramento resident Kate Tibbitt. A man was arrested for raping and killing a Sacrament woman. She was killed with her two dogs, and her house was set on fire. Troy Davis, 51 was a parolee who was let out on zero bail bonds earlier in June. He has a serious criminal history of stealing a car and now has been prisoned for a violent felony.

To understand what zero bail bonds, Aeillo said it is to get out of jail for free. She further illustrates that there is no risk attached to it without considering the consequences. Moreover, they are not bought back to the court, and thus, it poses a serious threat to the judicial system, and public safety is at stake. Troy Davis was set free without notifying the arrest parole officer. The judges set him free, who becomes a parolee at large.

On this, one of the bail agents said that zero bail bond introductions is just like killing the bail bond industry while judges retain discretion for bail. They further added that pretrial service officers are under tremendous pressure to release the defendants irrespective of the fact that they are involved in serious crimes that poses a threat to public security. Sheriff Scott Jones further added by saying that a safe exit to the culprit is just like giving a safe exit. Whiles, the criminals were set free all over the state with zero bails.

It brings more criminals to the streets rather than in jails. Therefore, violent crimes have experienced a skyrocketing rise in recent times. It has resulted in hundreds and thousands of criminals being released quickly with little or no supervision. Moreover, it is hard to blame the COVID situation for the entire buildup scenario. It all started way back in 2017.

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of speculation regarding zero bail bonds. Summoning up the whole situation, it was stated by the bail bond agents association that Sen Hertzberg has realized that he received very little support up for zero bails. The recent event of a heinous murder and rape of an innocent woman has resulted in a strong reaction from the people. The people of California are standing up against the reform. The ruthless murder of a Sacramento woman is a wake-up call for the communities and public safety.