New California law causes heartache for crime victims

The person who killed high school football star J.J. Clavoin Sacramento will be released early because of California’s new law. As a result this is causing more pain and suffering for the victim’s family.

The killer was just 15 years old when he pulled the trigger. The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office filed the case in adult criminal court back in February of 2016. However, in November 2016, California voters passed prop 57, which restricted DA’s from filing cases directly in adult court. But in January 2019, another newly passed law known as Senate Bill 1391, prohibited prosecutors from trying 14 or 15 year olds as adults even in the circumstances of murder. This resulted in J.J’s murderer to not be tried as an adult eater a juvenile under SB1391. Now he will be out in about 4-5 years instead of the normal murder sentence adults typically get.

This is becoming a common occurrence with young kids who are committing murder. Families are not getting the justice they deserve because of these new laws.

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