PARS’ Program is an utter failure:

To we will discuss the recent case of the so-called ‘PARS’ program at work. It can rather be referred to as an utter failure. In early this year, the defendant Samantha Marcial entered into the PARS program. He was charged with Felony Burglary and grand theft. Later, she was released from custody. Once again, she was picked in a similar case and had escape since then. There was no involvement of the bail bond agency or co-singers. If there was any involvement of bail bond companies, she was incentivized to appear before the judges. Therefore, Ms. Marcial remains a fugitive in the case. This can be translated into justice not being served properly.

Few of the defendants may lack the ability to post bonds, but their family and friends are willing to pay the premium on their behalf. They also step forward to give collateral that is necessary to post bail. Moreover, the third party is meant to be the supervisor of the defendant. This is because they are exposed to personal risks like financial and reputation.

Last but not least, the whole criminal justice system relies on defendants attending the court hearings. Therefore, the activity of vail agents is imperative for the smooth running of a successful judicial process.

The PARS program is now being used in Orange County. This is done with the intent to release the defendant on their recognizance, which proves to be ineffective. Nevertheless, the Program is unnecessary and turns out to be too heavy on the pockets. In Orange County, the numbers of warrants are quite high. Due to this, the budget of the court has attained its maximum level while the jails have no more capacity to hold more criminals.

Final words:
As courts have hit their maximum potential and the jails are overburdened, it is advisable to leave the pretrial release decisions to the jury and the judges. The utilization of the bail bond system in place will assure a better functional criminal justice system. Therefore, criminals will remain accountable for their actions as they cannot escape the trials and court hearings.

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