Prescription Drug Fraud

Prescription Drug Fraud Prescription drugs on the market today are potent. These drugs can cause serious addiction problems if misused or used by people who do not have a prescription to use these drugs.

Prescription drugs have become the 2nd- most abused and trafficked drugs in the United States, behind banned substances. About 52 million Americans over the age of 12 have taken prescription drugs that they have not been prescribed, and over 6 million have admitted to using them in the past 30 days (from the National Institute of Drug Abuse). One of the reasons they stated for using these drugs was that it was not illegal. This is only true if the prescription is under their name; if it is not, it is 100% illegal.

So, what exactly constitutes prescription drug fraud? Altering a valid prescription to change the number of pills prescribed, going to various doctors for the sole purpose of trying to obtain the valid prescriptions, signing someone else’s name on a prescription and taking prescriptions without a valid prescription are just a few of the examples of prescription drug fraud.

People should not be misusing these potent and dangerous drugs and always remember that no one is above the law.
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