Why “No” on Prop 25 is the Correct Vote

In the upcoming general election on November 3, 2020, voting for the next president is not the only issue on the ballot for Californians. One of the most important propositions on the ballot this November is Proposition 25. This proposition would change the current bail bonds Pomona, California with a new system that would further negatively impact the incarcerated. Californians must think twice before voting on this incredibly important Proposition.

The current system of bail bonds Pomona CA is set up in a way that the more dangerous the person allegedly committing the crime(s), the higher a bail amount would be to pay in order to get out of jail before their trial date. This would keep harmful criminals away from the streets before their trial date. With the new proposed system, there would be a risk assessment of the person where judges get to decide if they are deemed a high enough risk to the community to be in jail or to be let go before their trial date.

This sounds good on paper, but in reality, it gives more power to judges to racially discriminate against people and would give more funding and power to law enforcement. It would also lead to more guilty pleas of potentially innocent people just so they would not face pretrial incarceration. The proposed new system would be very biased towards the people that cannot afford to contest the charges and would force them to have a criminal record just so they do not have to remain in jail.

Voting “No” on Proposition 25 is the right thing to do in order to keep the system that does not give unlimited power to the judges and law enforcement officers and gives more leeway to the people of California. Looking for bail bonds Ontario? then call us at 909-721-8204!

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